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To be eligible to receive benefits and waive the work search you must register with LIUNA Local 268 and Wisconsin State Unemployment.

You Must:

  1. Be unemployed

  2. Be able, available and actively seeking work.

  3. Be willing to accept suitable work when it is offered.

  4. Be a member in good standing.

The job search requirement may be waived for claimants who are members of a Union that operates an effective hiring hall or referral system. You must report all earnings, before deductions.

Call the unemployment office to start your claim. When you sign up for unemployment compensation, it is important for you to state your affiliation with LIUNA Local 268. We are a Union Hall not your employer In accordance with Wisconsin UC Laws, members of LIUNA Local 268 who are currently in good standing with the Local will qualify for referral under this union's referral system if they are ready and available for work. The term "in good standings" means that a member is current in the payment of his or her dues. If you are not a member in good standing or are not on the out-of-work list you will have to engage in a work search with the UC Department.

New Claims: (414) 435-7069

Weekly Claims: (414) 435-7069

Help: (414) 435-7069